Aquabeads 31588 Fantastic Starter Set with Over 800 Jewel and Solid beads and pen included

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  • AQUABEADS FANTASTIC STARTER SET is a fantastic gift toy which is going to keep one busy for hours and hours with a smile. Never get tired making all these shapes.
  • Just add water to the beads and they stick. No iron needed, no fuss and no mess
  • OVER 800 JEWEL AND SOLID BEADS in 14 different colours. The box contains: Bead Tray, Sprayer, Bead Pen, Layout Tray, Template Sheets and Solid and Jewel Beads. All you need to get started creating those fantastic designs
  • EASILY CREATE ALL KINDS OF DESIGN Spray with water and watch the beads magically stick together!
  • FOLLOW THE TEMPLATE DESIGN and use the bead pen to create all kinds of designs
  • BEAD PALETTE STORAGE included to easily store the beads and easily carry and transfer

Aquabeads need no introduction. These are a wonderful set of toy which will keep the little minds occupied for hours having endless fun! No iron needed, no mess and no fuss. Just sprinkle some water and these will stick.

Aquabeads Fantastic Starter set is a starter kit and includes over 800 beads in 14 different colours. Everything needed to start your Aquabead collection is included. Follow the template design and use the bead pen which is included to create all kinds of designs. Spray with water and watch the beads magically stick together! 

The set also includes a Bead Palette to store your beads. A wonder kit for your loved ones!