5 ways to Inspire Creativity in Kids. Less screentime and more FUNTIME! 

Less Screen Time means more Wins.. Parents reach out and interested to know ways to engage #children in creative activities to reduce the screen time. Here is why it is important.

  • Select from a wide variety of safe and creative toys for kids

  • The inquisitive minds will love a fun and challenging activity!

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Why is creative play important? Because it helps develop imaginative skills and increase cognitive development in children. Creative activities help to develop motor and sensory skills in childhood. I

Allowing the child to express freely their desire to decide between two options for an activity will show them their opinion is valuable. This will also give them the confidence. You can then also ask them their opinion why they chose something over the other. This will help them express their views and perhaps emotions.

Asking them questions such as “What do we do next?” or “Is there another way to do this” will help them express more and be more creative to explore what could be done further with their activity.

What do we do next?”

“Is there another way to do this?”

Mistakes are a proof that the child is engaged in the activity and leaning and growing. This will help them grow and also be more confident.

Join them and have as much fun as they are having!

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