Marabu Porcelain Painter 3-4mm Bordeaux


The Porcelain Painter Range offers shades within a colour system. Basic and fashion colours can be always combined with the corresponding Metallic and Glitter shades. Whether tastefully colour-matched creations or extravagant colour combinations are desired – everything is possible with the wide colour range from Marabu. Various kinds of painting techniques can be easily achieved with the painters.

Porcelain Painters are offered in 4 different tip shapes/sizes: from large paint applications with the brush tip, fine painting with the outline & Fineliner tip and decorative writing with the calligraphy tip. The universal tip with a tip width of 1-2 mm is used as a practical all-rounder: it is ideal for painting and writing.

  • Paint, allow to dry (3 days), then it's finished
  • Dishwasher-safe without oven fixing (maximum 50°C)
  • Paint tips: calligraphy, brush, Fineliner and universal tip
  • Water based, odourless, lightfast. For children from 6 years on


Clean the crockery with a scouring agent and a small sponge before painting. Afterwards it should be wiped with Marabu-Cleaner or White Spirit so that it is dust and grease-free. Before use, shake the painters well with the cap closed. Press onto the tip repeatedly until the ink is visible in it (do not continue once the ink appears in the tip as this may overload it). Try using the painter on a piece of scrap paper first (not on the object to be painted until you are sure the flow is smooth). Draw free-hand outlines with the outline painter or copy the motif using carbon paper. For this, put the tracing paper on the paper design of the motif, fix with masking tape on the crockery and go over the motif using a pencil while putting sufficient pressure on it to trace the drawing. Allow the outlines to dry briefly, then paint the motif with the chosen colours. Decorate the design with letters (e.g. name) just as you like. Allow the painted porcelain to dry for 3 days. Now everything is dishwashersafe at a maximum 50°C. After use, close the cap well (until it clicks). Store in a horizontal position.