Scentos 50PC Colouring Workstation New Stationery Gift

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Extra-large Scentos workstation that includes more than 50 items. In the box you will find a fantastic selection of stationery items that include six gel pens, twelve colouring pencils, ten fine line markers, two HB pencils, a twist eraser, six stencils, ten sheets of paper and ten spiral art shapes. Each item has its own fruity scent too, with a mix of flavours that include strawberry, blueberry, watermelon, grape, banana and more. What's more, all items slide into a plastic workstation that's perfect for keeping your desk or drawing surface clean and tidy.
  • Scented stationery set with workstation
  • Six gel pens
  • Twelve colouring pencils
  • Ten fine line markers
  • Two HB pencils
  • Twist eraser
  • Six stencils
  • Ten sheets of paper
  • Ten spiral art shapes
  • Plastic workstation with holders for items
  • 46cm wide